Victory interested in Sivaji

MALDIVES – Victory Sports Club is trying to sign Singapore’s Home United’s coach Nair Sivaji. The mastermind behind Home United’s success in the AFC Cup, Sivaji, also has shown interest to join the reds and it was confirmed by Victory Sports Club’s general secretary, Marzooq. Home United played in the quarterfinals of the AFC Cup in this season.

‘Sivaji told us that he wants international experience and Victory is one of the club he wanted to coach. He also said that he does not care for bigger offers or huge salaries’.

Sivaji also coached for Singapore national team. Under Sivaji’s guidance, Home United played against Victory twice and won the two matches.

Sivaji’s contract with Home United would expire on November 7th. It is believed that he would meet with the officials of Home United on 30th of this month and would make a decision based on it.

Victory also tried to sign an Argentinean coach for the upcoming season. However, Marzooq said that they have lost contact with him.

Victory’s coaching department was headed this season by Mauroof Ahmed (Maattey) and Ali Suzeyn. However, Mauroof hinted in a press briefing that he would move away from coaching career.

Meanwhile, except New Radiant all the other clubs would retain their coaches. New Radiant is yet to reveal about the situation of their coach Gerd.


~ by sambalfootball7 on October 24, 2008.

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