What actually happen to Agu Casmir?

Prior to reading article on Agu held‘for ransom’,I was astounded as i have never heard of a football club demanding a refund for player not playing up to their satisfaction?PDRM reason was Agu Camir failure to score for their club but,agu did scored for them in a 7-0 trouncing against Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia Cup that ended recently.If their ‘main’ reason was Agu Casmir poor performance,why did they bought him in the first place?

Demanding Rm30 000 from Gombak is deemed too much.From my perspective,Agu Casmir was treated unfairly.New players need more time to gel with their teammates but being given only 3 or 4 matches to shine and rate him is unacceptable.

Even world-class players like Sheva,Tevez and Ballack need more playing time in order for them to play well.For example,Shevchenko,the most expensive player,was a flop for Chelsea but did Chelsea demand a refund from AC Milan?Well this is all up to PDRM to do some soul searching…


~ by sambalfootball7 on August 30, 2008.

One Response to “What actually happen to Agu Casmir?”

  1. This is typical of football in ASEAN. Totally unprofessional and without precedent. I have also never heard of a team walking of the pitch during a game, then being allowed to come back on and complete it without any repercussions whatsoever.

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