Should we learn from Canada?

I come across this article regarding foreign talent..interesting to read…

Let’s learn from Canada

IT IS sad to read about the sarcastic reactions against the women’s silver medal table tennis team by self-proclaimed true Singaporeans.Their arguments are the same as the whites who used to justify apartheid when they ruled South Africa or the bumiputras in Malaysia who justify their special rights or the Klu Klux Klan in the United States to justify white supremacy.

History has repeatedly taught us that bigotry and racism will lead to the destruction of a society, any society. Class segregation has no place in a healthy modern society.

A Singaporean is a Singaporean period. There should be no difference whether the citizenship was granted yesterday or if he or she was born and raised in Singapore. We should learn to live harmoniously in a multi-cultural society. A great example is Canada.

Look at the following examples:

  • The previous head of state of Canada, the Governor-General, was Ms Adrienne Clarkson Poy. This position is equivalent to the President of Singapore. Ms Clarkson was a Chinese refugee from China.
  • The first gold medal for Canada in the current Olympics was won by Carol Huynh, daughter of a Vietnamese refugee. At the awards ceremony, she cried and said she was proud to be able to repay Canada.
  • Ms Jujie Luan, a former Olympic gold medallist for China, represents Canada in Beijing. On television she displayed a Chinese flag. When asked during an interview, she explained that although she is a proud Canadian she wants people of China to know that she has not forgotten China. No one makes a big deal over it. In fact she was very well received in China as well as Canada. She was not branded a quitter.
  • A previous Premier of British Columbia, Mr Ujjal Singh Dosanjh, was an immigrant from India.
  • The current police chief of Vancouver, Mr Jim Chu, is an immigrant from China.
  • Mr Alan Lowe, the current mayor of Victoria, capital of British Columbia, is the son of a Chinese immigrant.
  • A previous Lieutenant Governor-General of British Columbia was Mr David Lam, an immigrant from Hong Kong.The list goes on. Unlike Singapore, there is no resentment about these ‘foreign talents’ in Canada. They are accepted gracefully and assimilated into Canadian society.This is possible because there is no such thing as a ‘blue blooded’ Canadian and no class or racial segregation.

    A Canadian is a Canadian, regardless of race and length of stay.

    Singaporeans should learn from Canada and be more open-minded and generous in their attitudes towards new immigrants. Let us not be jealous and adopt a kaisu mentality.

    The Singapore table tennis team has tried their best and won. Let us show sportsmanship and gratitude towards them. Let us celebrate this wonderful occasion and not be party poopers.

    Cheong Wing Lee

    Depict from ST

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